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Maximilian Riedel, scion of the legendary Austrian crystal maker Riedel Glas GmbH, announced this week that the firm (founded in 1756) will introduce the official Riedel Wine Mug this June at Vinexpo, the international trade show held biannually in Bordeaux.

Featuring a sturdy handle attached to a glass resembling the company’s trendsetting “O” tumblers, the mugs will retail for $19.99 each. The 30-year-old Riedel said, “We have already demonstrated that hardcore connoisseurs embrace the concept that different wine types are enhanced by distinct shapes of glasses. Now we are going after complete morons.”

The new Riedel Wine Mug is tailored to hold any style of wine, but its unique design will appeal to two specific demographics: beer drinkers, who will love the comfort and stability of the solid lead crystal handle, and absolute beginners, who habitually forget to hold a traditional wine glass by the stem.

Although some industry experts look to the new mug as a transitional product, which consumers will use like training wheels while they garner the courage to shift toward stemware, Maximilian Riedel sees the Wine Mug as a genre of its own. “It is simply the handiest, easiest wine-drinking accessory ever invented,” Riedel said. “It will turn bumbling idiots into sophisticated enthusiasts!”




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